Tuesday, 7 February 2012

I've got scars

Well, first of all - Trivium was amazing. That goes without saying. I met the band and they were all so sweet, classy and fantastic - I'm still high on life about it! And the show, of course, was outstanding! :)

On another note.. my scars are awful. I just took the steri-strips off my wrist, and yeah, it looks horrific. Some of the scars are going to be smaller than what I would have expected (yay!) but there's a lot.. and some big, noticeable ones. Hopefully they'll fade quickly. Until then, I'll be wearing my Trivium wristband every day <3

Speaking of Trivium, because I don't want to taint their band by mentioning them on a blog of this nature - the show, and meeting them has totally inspired me to pick up my guitar again! I'm re-obessessed with it!