Saturday, 24 December 2011

I hate butterflies.

   No blog views today. I wonder how someone markets their blog? All the billions of blogs people write, how should I suspect that mine will acquire followers?

   Anyway, I suppose I was pretty good today. I still have no energy - which is probably linked to my asthma being god awful lately, I bet I'm just not getting enough oxygen to be energetic. I didn't really even want to self harm today. I tried the "butterfly project" idea, where you draw a butterfly wherever you like to self harm, and if you can manage to not injure yourself there until it washes away, then it's like you let it live its life.. something like that. So I have a butterfly on my wrist. But I think more so than wanting to let that butterfly "live," I just suspect that an open wound on a sharpie drawing might wind me up with some funny coloured scars. If anyone really knew me well enough, they'd know that drawing a butterfly on myself is a red flag - I hate butterflies. Everyone thinks they're beautiful, and sure, their wings are nice, but they're really just big, gross bugs.

   Warren changed his profile pic on facebook. I miss him. Still trying to wait for him to text me, I hate not talking to him. Well, in his new profile pic he's wearing the 2 wristbands I bought him a while ago. I doubt that means anything.. but I like it. At least he doesn't hate me, right? I mean, I sure wouldn't wear something that someone I hated gave me - it'd make me think of them. I just want to be able to talk to him.

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