Friday, 27 January 2012


&Yah, ;ike it says.. im a hammered show.. i keep tryna shake it off. Also, I cut ot==tonight. blaaaaaahhhhhhh I am such scum! "

the other night i dreamt that i lost control of my car (i think i need to barf) and I crqashed into a barrier... i went flying into the water andw was all "damn im gonna die.. im so sorry Mom, that all I ever was, was a loser who died young" pretty much.. and then I landed in the water.. and my ma has a flashlight thats built to break car windows, and I wished I had that.. and then I respawned, like in a video game.

crap. I dont want to b e drunk right now. Ihas a doctors appointment@! in the afternoon.. maybe ill be all lik e :LOOK AR THIS"

Edit @ 8:30am:

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