Monday, 9 January 2012

Yeah, sure, stir it up again.

Warren texted me tonight.

I hadn't been thinking much about him recently (well I have, but I've been able to not cry about it) cause I think I realized the "I miss you" I was feeling for him was really mostly for Fancy.

But he texted me tonight, kind of out of no where, and told me that he's moving. Really, really far away. So - now I'll definitely never get to see him again. And, of course, that made me really want to see him before he leaves.. in 3 weeks. Pretty fat chance of that happening. And now of course I'm thinking about being with him, and telling him that I love him.. Because even though it's unreciprocated, that's a nice thing to say right? And "one should leave no good thing unsaid, and one will have no regrets," right?

Anyway, way to stir everything up again when I thought I was just getting over you.

(6 am edit)
That makes it sound like I didn't want him to text me. Truth is, I'm always happy to hear from him. Whenever he talks to me, I'm happy. Especially when, like this time, he texts me first. He always also falls asleep or gets bored and stops texting first.. but I still enjoy talking to him. However brief and painful it might be.

I went downstairs and ate some curry and took a few shots of Vodka. I'm probably an alcoholic. I've gotten drunk every day this week. Some nights much more so than others, but would have none the less been arrested for DUI if I had been driving, every night this week. But, I ate the curry. So now I can not eat for the next two weeks, and hopefully if I see Warren I'll be skinny.

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