Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Why ask all these questions?

Well, because I have two accounts online - I've just realized that all of my blog "hits" have been from me, on my other account. Fuckin shitty (I can say that because my blog is age restricted - AND NO ONE READS IT.)

At least that answers why no one would comment or be compassionate enough to help. If I saw someone's blog like this, I'd try to help. But then again I know how it feels.

I am drunk again.

I cut myself again. Really deep. On my wrist. Honestly, could totally have done with at least butterfly stitches. One cut was even going down as opposed to horizontal.. I cut the same place a lot of times.

I always like to test my strength. Sure, cutting myself is probably the worst way to do it - but it's the most accessible. Like, "this hurts? Well let's see how hard we can do it before you wuss out." And then I do it harder. Plus, I love blood.

Fuck my life. Is there any hope for me at all?

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